What is Nia?


Nia combines Fitness and Wellness into a unique movement

practice. Nia blends the fun and spontaneity of the dance arts, the fluid, organic movement patterns of the gentler martial arts like Tai Chi and Aikido, as well as the precision and power of Tae Kwon Do.  The technique integrates the expansiveness of Yoga, and the mindfulness of functional movement therapies such as the Alexander Technique. Systematic principles, and each person’s connection to sensation, guide the technique of Nia.


Nia’s whole body workout will have you smiling and sweating! It will challenge your body, excite your mind, touch your emotions and delight your spirit. Nia invites you into a world of joyous motion within a safe movement structure that is intimately related to the music.

Video directed by Esther Campbell, TVC

Come in and try it...

Classes in Rondebosch, Kirstenhof and Observatory