Reducing stress, boosting self-worth and structuring exercise during the pandemic.
Health coaching with Shelley has had a transformative effect on everyday life. Firstly, Shelley has a gentle, thoughtful and empathetic manner, which makes our sessions enjoyable and a safe space. During the sessions, Shelley’s skill lies in her ability to gently coax out and identify underlying issues and problems while at the same time helping me realise that I have the resources to address these issues and bring about long-lasting change. I will be eternally grateful to Shelley for helping me control my stress levels against the backdrop of the global Covid-19 pandemic and adjust my lifestyle in order to stay well and healthy within the parameters of the situation. We have covered everything from boosting my sense of self-worth to structuring exercise to encouraging me to come up with solutions to living with moody teenagers. My experience has been that health coaching in mid-life is worth its weight in gold!

Annabel M

London, United Kingdom

Nia classes and Health coaching with Shelley.
I have taken part in Shelley Angélil’s Nia classes and also had the privilege of receiving health coaching from her. As a Nia instructor, Shelley creates a wonderful class experience. She is always well-prepared and thoughtful in her choices of themes, music and the variety and styles of movement that she presents. She makes you feel welcome, individually valued and included as part of the group. The addition of partner dancing and whole group dance helps to serve this objective. Her demeanour is open, authentic and uplifting, and I always leave a dance class feeling enriched, invigorated and peaceful. 

As a Health Coach, Shelley strikes that rare balance of being both personable and professional. She is warm and compassionate, and simultaneously challenging and sharp in her insights. I feel safe and comfortable, whilst also experiencing in myself  very clear reorientation around goals. She is always ready and waiting when I arrive or log on, and she is expedient in following up with notes and keeping track of previous sessions. She genuinely cares, but is not pushy or probing, allowing space for me to grow at my pace. Shelley’s training in languages is also an asset to her work as she is able to listen and articulate with clarity the thoughts and experiences in the coaching space. I highly recommend Shelley as both a Nia instructor and Health Coach.

Lauren B

Cape Town, South Africa

The coaching sessions with Shelley have supported me
enormously through an intensive phase of my life.

She held the space competently and professionally. Her intelligent and beautiful way of setting my steps in motion with appropriate questions is and was a lasting experience.

Alexandra K


Unique and effective health coaching

Intuitively. Shelley just knows where to go when I myself am at a loss. She has the skill to pick up sensitivities, gently query what she is hearing, open up areas of discovery with enlightenment and surprise.

I always feel Shelley’s sincere desire to really listen, and feel completely safe in the process. Never rushed but with surprisingly quick and accurate results. Energized by new direction and scope after every session, I am extremely grateful to Shelley for her unique and effective approach to health coaching. 

Judy V

South Africa

Finding direction and uncovering personal tools.
Shelley is empathetic and kind, yet holds you accountable when it is needed, an ideal combination. She revealed tools at my disposal I wasn’t taking advantage of and how to make the most of those. Sometimes it is not about the answer but about the direction. And Shelley certainly knows her way around a compass.

Sarah H

Hermanus, South Africa

Staying focused with work and small children during COVID-19.
I started working with Shelley a bit before and during the COVID-19 lockdown. As a mum of 2 year old twins working full time, I found this time very challenging. Shelley helped me stay focused and make positive changes in many areas of my life. Besides her resourcefulness and empathy, what I appreciate most about Shelley’s approach is her way to guide you to identify the core motivation behind your goals and come up with your own strategies to reach them. I can’t recommend her services highly enough.

Laura S


I met with Shelley as I was in the midst of transitions.
Relocating to a new home country, moving from the first half to the second half of my life and needing to address the incompleteness I sensed within myself by missing out on motherhood. Shelley provides a safe virtual space where I can express my feelings…..to look at myself anew and at times to question the way I see myself. She guides and enables me to create my own action steps so that I can accept what is, find stability within myself and cultivate the energy I need to leap forward.

Sharon R




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