Everybody wants to be healthy. We want health in all areas of our lives: healthy body and mind, healthy relationships, healthy finances. We all want to feel an abundance of energy, to feel strong, fit and to feel confident in our ability to tackle our lives and to thrive. Right now, in this time of the Corona Virus, there is so much fear and uncertainty, and there is more urgency than ever in improving our health.

Most of us know that diseases of lifestyle, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, stroke and cardiac disease can be prevented, reversed or at least mitigated by a healthy lifestyle. Most of us also know that there are five top healthy behaviours that prevent these diseases, (and can add a whopping 12- 14 years onto someone’s life.)

What are these five top healthy behaviours? (not in any particular order of importance)

  • Getting enough sleep
  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Moderate (or no) alcohol consumption
  • Not smoking
  • Exercising regularly

I’d like to add to this reducing stress levels, as stress can link into all of the above.

Most of us know all of this, and we know too that it’s easier said than done. This is where health coaching can come in. A health and wellness coach is a change agent. She’s not there to tell you what to eat or how often to exercise or what a healthy weight is for you. You probably know this anyway. She’s not there to give advice in improving your relationships or to tell you to reduce your stress levels. She is there to facilitate a process of insight and understanding around what’s working for you in your life and what isn’t (you are the expert in your life!) She’s there to help you envision your optimal state of wellbeing, to support you in drawing up long-term goals, and to plan with you how to get there, one small step at a time. She’s there to help you maintain accountability, to sustain momentum and motivation. She’s there to partner with you to explore and learn from your successes and your failures. She’s also there to provide resources and to share information when needed.

She’s there to help you change, slowly, steadily and permanently, by establishing firm healthy habits, little by little. If this sounds like something you need, contact me.